Articles about Music

Here we have articles and class notes about music, as well as sheet music and performances.



So You Want to do Music 

Being a paper on some different types of music in SCA period, and where to find them.

Medieval/Renaissance Songs

Translations, sheet music, and performances

Written Sources about Early Ottoman Music

A short article about the various sources I've found for early Ottoman music.

Written Sources about Early Ottoman Music

Early Indian Music Theory

This is notes from a class I taught, along with my notes of the main book the class is based on, and a short bibliography.

From GramaRaga to Thaat

How to add rhythm to early music

A class in written format, based on the book Songs from British Sources 1150-1300.

Period Arabic Musics

Two (soon 3) different handouts, one for a class on what we know about period Arabic music, the other a class on muwashshat, a poetic form from al-Andalus still performed today. Both with annotated bibliographies and discographies.

How to Learn a Troubadour Song/How to Memorize a Song

Cantigas Bibliography

This biblio starts with websites and books on the CSM, then goes on to articles in journals, then gets farther afield into "the Arabic question." Also includes some cantigas books not on CSM.

Music before 1200 A.D.

This is a class video. It starts in Western Europe at 1200 A.D. and goes back as far as we can - all the way to Ancient Egypt.


So You Want to be a Troubadour

What Might Medieval Music Have Sounded Like

Being mainly an article on Gregorian Chant, based on reading McGee's The Sound of Medieval Song

Troubadours, Trouveres, and Jongluers, Oh My!

A handout (summary and bibliography) and a class video

 Trobaritz Bibliography

Just books on the female troubadours