Here's some links to useful things:


Music related:

  • website of the Cinnabar group Psallite, with music and rhyming translations by Kasha

  • the SCA Minstrel Homepage

  • the SCA Medieval and Renaissance Music Homepage

  • THL Teleri's Medieval and Renaissance Music resources links

  • Tommaso's website, which has music, esp. period guitar, stories, and bread recipes


  • On-line home of the SCA Middle Kingdom bardic community. Maintained by Master Cerian Cantwr.

A Paper Muse 

  • web home for poetry by my apprentice Andreas Blacwode.

  • An excellent article, using Kalenda Maya as an example, about the contradictions between oral tradition and the written page.


Troubadour melodies database

  • if a tune was in various mss., all versions are here, each separate
  • all in modern round notes w/o rhythm, no words - melodies only

Cantigas de Santa Maria database

  • note: the music can be viewed in Gregorian notation or modern round notes without rhythm
  • also you can expand the plicas (check a box in upper right)
  • also has all lyrics

  • website of Lochac bards, which includes the Llibre Vermell, aka Red Book of Montserrat, 14c Catalan music

  • a searchable database of Gregorian chant

  • Playford, all the editions


  • facsimiles


 Looking for some Christmas music? If you are on FB, check the files of the SCA Bardic group for the zipped file Music for Wassail 12th Night. It's a huge compliation by Lady Siri, and is bound to have the song you were looking for.

Also here: 

and a few more here:

a page with links to all the troubadour and trouvere mss online as of 2012

an even better page with even more links to online mss; the above troub/trouv, plus cantigas, plus carmina burana, and more!


Some Aquitainian manuscripts online:

  • Bibliothek Nat'l Fr. ms. 1139, an Aquitainian ms. (this one's tricky: you'll need to read books 1st)

  • Bibliothek Nat'l Fr. ms. 3719, an Aquitainian ms.

  • Bibliothek Nat'l Fr. ms. 3549, an Aquitainian ms., starting on f.149, with the music

  • British Lib. additional 36881, an Aquitainian ms. (this one is the easiest to read)



Fiber Arts:

 Thora Sharptooth's site

 Titled "Viking Resources for the Re-enactor," Thora has various Viking-era related articles and bibliographies that are very useful, especially relating to textiles.

Phaila's String page

 Phaila does tablet weaving, loom weaving, sprang, braiding, nalbinding, spinning, dyeing -- the works. Especially great are her explanation papers on various textile arts.


Food and Cookery:

 Doc's Medieval Cookery which includes his links to online cookbooks by country and date.


 recipes from Cariadoc's Miscellany

also one of my favorites, the 13th century anonymous Andalusian cookbook



Online rose shopping:

Also see the list of rose sellers linked under the Antique Roses article on my Plants and Gardening page.

have new roses by Paul Barden, based on gallicas and other old varieties
also carry minis developed by Ralph Moore
not sure I'd buy from them, very $$$, but worth reading
See all their pretty pictures! They have over 2000 varieties listed, some of which are pre-1600.  They can help you ID an iris - you can search their pics by different parameters. Also have links to sellers.
Old House Gardens  based in Michigan, they sell heirloom bulbs: tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs - I buy from these guys all the time!
Van Engelen Wholesale Bulbs  the wholesale branch of John Sheepers Flower Bulbs, they have great prices if you can buy in bulk. Check for specialty plants they sell in smaller quantities - really great prices!