Hi! Welcome to my page. Here's a little about me.
I have been playing music my whole life.  I started lessons in kindergarten, played in the Chicago Civic Orchestra in high school, and majored in music at Oberlin College.  I discovered early music and the SCA in college, and have continued to study and perform early music ever since, founding a few groups along the way.

Music of the troubadours and trouveres are one of my specialties, and I do many presentations and master classes on aspects of their music. I was laureled in music in 1998. While I sing extensively, I consider myself a bowed strings specialist, and have a large instrument collection which includes not only medieval and renaissance instruments, but bowed strings from various cultures around the world.  Currently I play 2nd violin in the Renaissance Quintet and the Handel Week orchestra, and am a member of Proxecto Brisas do Mar, which specializes in 13-14th century music from Iberia.

On the non-musical side, I like to read, garden, tablet weave and some other stuff too. I am also mom to three boys.